The Paper Carrying Rolls You Need and the Service You Need to Keep Them Going

Paper carrying rolls are one of the few components of your machine that actually touch the paper. Unlike felt or wire rolls, with paper carrying rolls it’s just the paper and the roll. With that in mind, and with nothing between your roll and your product, you need to make sure that your paper carrying rolls are performing at their peak, enabling your machine to quickly and reliably deliver the performance and results you need.

The Expertise at Winchester Precision Technologies Can Help

Whether you need a new roll/rolls or your existing rolls serviced our expert engineers and machinists have years of experience providing the comprehensive design, manufacturing or repair/service you need to make the most out of your paper carrying rolls for a machine that’s more productive, more reliable, and more profitable.

If you need new rolls fill out and submit our Roll Specification Tech. form so that we can design and engineer the roll to match your application. The more information that you can provide the better we will be able to optimize your roll for your process. Our Roll Specification Form PDF

Service and Repair Services for Paper Carrying Rolls

If it has anything to do with your paper carrying rolls, we can help. With a wide variety of service options available ranging from simple component repairs to disassembly, reassembly, and reverse engineering.

  • Repairs
  • Service
  • Engineering
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Reverse engineering
  • Balancing
  • Inspections
  • Service plans
  • And more...