Un-Nipped Roll Cover Technology: Finding Performance Benefits and Cost Savings in Modern Chemistry

Winchester Precision Technologies, Licensee of Industrial Polymer Solutions, Inc., benefits from modern chemistry and passes along an improved line of roll covers to their customers.

ABSTRACT: Un-nipped roll covers have often been considered "non technical" roll covers in the paper machine and for more than thirty years little has been done to improve the performance or attributes of these roll covers. This lack of advancement is due largely in part to the misconception that un-nipped roll covers do not have a direct affect on the art of papermaking or the quality of paper, yet they typically represent 80% or more of the covered rolls in a paper machine. They seemingly perform a modest task, to carry the web, wire, pulp, felt and sheet from the head box to the reel. While the task may appear modest, it is also fundamentally important. Modern chemistry has allowed us to develop new polymers that can not only function as a roll cover in a paper machine but can actually improve machine performance and reduce costs. Custom designed polymers can unlock your roll cover's potential and allow the roll in question to perform better, produce better paper and save the papermaker money.

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