NH Manufacturer Provides Critical Components for Los Alamos National Laboratory Deap/Clean Experiment

Winchester Precision Technologies, a New Hampshire based manufacturer of industrial rolls, Pressure Vessels and and other Precision Machined metal products is nearing the completion of a major manufacturing project for the DEAP/Clean Collaboration and the Miniclean experiment taking place at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The DEAP/Clean collaboration is the ongoing pursuit by scientists to learn more about dark matter. According to scientists and the DEAP/CLEAN website, dark matter – which “does not absorb or emit light like normal matter” accounts for 22% of all matter in the universe. In order to better understand dark matter, the DEAP/CLEAN collaboration is focused on observing the qualities of liquid argon and neon as a scintillator – which effectively absorbs and reemits energy as light.

By using liquid argon and neon as a detector, scientists aim to record an interaction with dark matter within a testing vessel, partly manufactured by Winchester Precision Technologies. In doing so, scientists would have the groundbreaking opportunity to learn more about the properties of dark matter and, as a result, make significant strides in the effort to better understand the universe.

Vice President of Winchester Precision Technologies, Jason Perron, explains that the Winchester, NH company has worked closely with Los Alamos National Laboratory to manufacture a “totally custom ASME pressure vessel” that has been painstakingly designed and engineered to “meet the experiment’s need for precision and extremely close tolerances”.

The manufacture of a pressure vessel of this nature is a repeated multistep process of 3 dimensional machining on our large CNC Vertical and Horizontal Boring Mills and and 3 dimensional inspection with our Coordinate Measuring Machine to ensure that when complete all of the features will be function in concert and allow the detector to identify its target.

For more information on custom large machining and pressure vessel fabrication, contact Jason Peron of Winchester Precision Technologies at 603.239.6326.