Winchester Precision Technologies Hones Large Machining Capabilities

Winchester, NH based large machining company Winchester Precision Technologies has announced renewed initiatives to continually hone large machining capabilities.

January 12, 2013

Winchester Precision Technologies (WPT), a metal fabricator and machining company based in Winchester, NH has recently announced continuing initiatives to build on the company’s large machining capabilities.

According to Jason Peron, Vice President of WPT, much of the company’s recent innovation in terms of large machining and fabrication came about with WPT’s involvement in the DEAP/CLEAN collaboration, a research initiative into dark matter by a number of institutions from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

For its part in the collaboration, WPT used its experience with large machining and ASME certified pressure vessel fabrication to carefully fabricate and machine the inner and outer vessels for the MiniClean experiment. Eventually, these came together to form the completed vessel, a sphere that would be fitted with sensors and used to search for possible forms of dark matter.

While WPT’s involvement with dark matter research has been ongoing, it underscores the company’s continuing innovation when it comes to large machining. As Perron explains, “Every stage of machining and fabrication for the MiniClean experiment tested our ability to deliver the highest level of precision and quality. Now that the project has come to a close, we’re really proud of what we were capable of.”

Ongoing enhancements to the company’s large machining services continue to focus on both ASME pressure vessel fabrication, machined shafts, and large machining for chemical processing equipment, industrial shafting, paper rolls, power generation, and more. With a large variety of machining equipment on hand in the company’s Winchester, NH facility, WPT is capable of providing machining for even some of the largest projects.

For more information on large machining at Winchester Precision Technologies, contact Jason Perron at 603.239.6326.

About Winchester Precision Technologies

Winchester Precision Technologies, located in Winchester, New Hampshire, is a leading provider of large machining, turning, milling, and fabrication for industries around the world. The company also designs, manufactures, and repairs all types of industrial rolls for the plastic film and sheet, paper, and textile industries.